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Interested in classical Spanish prose? We are pleased to provide you with the option to download a PDF or read online for free book famous writer Camilo Jose Cela. Camilo Jose Cela. In the 89th he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, and in 1995 - the Cervantes Prize. A strong influence on his work had great Russian writers-realists, and Spanish writers of the late 19th century. This generation has determined the direction of development of modern Spanish literature up to the present day. The big impression on Camilo Jose Cela made a trip to the Upper Castile. Based on the experiences of this journey it was written work "Jews, Arabs and Christians." Such novels as "The Family of Pascual Duarte" and "Beehive" devoted to the plight of the ordinary citizen against the background of the tragic events in the public life of the country. These books have become a symbol of renewal of the Spanish literature. These and other famous works we can read online for free, you can download as PDF.

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